Thursday, August 04, 2005

Michael Curtis assaulted by motorcyclist

Police cars investigating

According to former ACTC president Michael Curtis, as well as several witnesses to the incident, Curtis was injured on the evening of Wednesday August third when a motorcyclist shoved him to the ground causing him to crash. Curtis was traveling eastbound on Los Gatos Blvd near Los Gatos Saratoga Road in the bike lane.

Curtis said the motorcyclist entered the bike lane and came close to him. According to Curtis words were exchanged. Then the motorcyclist reached over to him, from his motorbike to Curtis's bicycle while both were in motion, and shoved Curtis to the ground. Curtis was riding from the end of the Wednesday club whine and dine ride to the evening dinner after the ride, also in Los Gatos.

Witnesses stopped and helped Curtis, except for one that followed the motorcycle and got his license plate number. According to police they are investigating.

Steve Sloan came upon the scene and Sloan and Curtis went to the hospital. Curtis was banged up, he had several wounds and some road rash but no broken bones were found.

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sadl_grl said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the assault, but I'm glad there were so many good samaritans around to help out. Extra kudos to the person who chased down the motorcyclist too!