Saturday, December 24, 2005

Family matters

I hope you are having a great family holiday. I am taking a posting break from this blog, to spend time with my family. I will be posting some of these holiday activities and you are invited to follow along at the Sloan family blog [Link].

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Great bike ride today

Sarah Nielsen fixes a flat

It has been wonderfully warm riding weather. Today I led a bicycle club ride to Croy Park. It felt good to ride and I was riding strong.  It was a 43 mile ride. It was great, 16 people came. We had warm weather, with the fall change, the red leaves and we even saw a coyote. Only one rider had a flat. Lotsa folks stopped to help Sarah fix it. Tomorrow Susie, Kenneth and I are planning to go to a cat show.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Final Version of December BBB Posted

The final version of the December newsletter is posted [ download here, 1 MB PDF ]. This is it. It is done! It is to be sent to the printer. No more edits will be allowed. The newsletter is done finished and has gone to press!

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Second alpha version of December BBB posted

The second "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the December newsletter is posted here. [PDF File Link] It still has about four pages missing content, a little old content (like the table of contents) from the last issue is still there, etc. These early versions are posted here for editing of what is here and so you know what the look and feel of the newsletter will be. More will be posted as it becomes available. As always I reserve the right to make substantial changes to the layout and design before final release.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

First alpha version of December BBB posted

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the December newsletter is posted here. [PDF File Link] It has a lot of missing content, some old content from the last issue is still there, etc. The early version is posted here for editing of what is here and so you know what the look and feel of the newsletter will be. More will be posted as it becomes available. As always I reserve the right to make substantial changes to the layout and design before final release.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

December queue is here

It is unusual for me to have two month where I have business trips back to back during production periods. The December queue is here. Contributors please check to see your contributions are here. Mug shots are also here for officers. I will be going into production this weekend!



Sunday, October 16, 2005

Final Version of November BBB Posted

The final version of the November newsletter is posted [ download here, 936 KB PDF ]. This is it. It is done! It is sent to the printer. No more edits will be allowed. The newsletter is done finished and has gone to press!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The last weekday 05 WnD Ride

Today was the last weekday whine and dine ride of 2005. It was a fun ride and we concluded it with a ride up Cat's Hill in Los Gatos. There I asked them to pose for a picture and a local house cat came up to check out the action.

Bike Buddies

Monday, September 19, 2005

Enough alike to be related?

Susie and Joanne
Ever since Joanne and her husband Lee Thrall joined the club, I have heard comments about how she looks like my wife. The Saturday party was the first time I saw them together. Like me, Joanne and Lee also ride Rivendells!

Final Version of October BBB Posted

The final version of the October newsletter is posted [ download here, 1 MB PDF ]. This is it. It is done! It is sent to the printer. No more edits will be allowed. The newsletter is done finished and has gone to press!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Second alpha version of October 2005 BBB posted!

The second "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the October newsletter is posted here. [PDF File Link] It has less missing content and the calendar is up to date but the table of contents is not. These early versions are posted here for editing of what is here and so you know what the look and feel of the newsletter will be. More will be posted as it becomes available. As always I reserve the right to make substantial changes to the layout and design before final release.

First Alpha of October BBB Newsletter

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the October newsletter is posted here. [PDF File Link] It has a lot of missing content, some old content from the last issue is still there, etc. The early version is posted here for editing of what is here and so you know what the look and feel of the newsletter will be. More will be posted as it becomes available. As always I reserve the right to make substantial changes to the layout and design before final release.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

October issue queue is now closed

October BBB Queue Is Closed:
It can be found at this link [link]. The newsletter is now in production.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Creating a Livable Community

Please join us, and feel free to pass this invitation on.

Destination Downtown:
Creating a Livable Community
An Urban Outing in San Jose sponsored by Greenbelt Alliance
Saturday, Sept. 24, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Meet at the new City Hall, Room W118
200 East Santa Clara Street (between 4th and 6th)

Please join Greenbelt Alliance for a presentation and walking tour of downtown San Jose. This Urban Outing will visit critical components of a successful urban center, including medium and high density residential developments, multi-modal transit options, cultural activities, historic buildings and small businesses. We will also explore opportunities to create an even more vibrant community using the principles of smart growth.

Speakers include: Cindy Chavez, San Jose Vice Mayor/Council Member; Laurel Prevetti, Deputy Director of the San Jose Planning Department; Scott Knies, Executive Director of the San Jose Downtown Association; Diane Olmstead, Principal, Investment & Development for CIM Group; Dennis Korabiak, Project Manager for the San Jose Redevelopment Agency; Lee Butler, Project Manager, San Jose Planning Department; and Chris Augenstein, Transportation Planning Manager for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

RSVP to (415) 543-6771 or A light breakfast will be provided.
Co-sponsored by the South Bay RAC of the American Planning Association¹s California Chapter.

If you would not like to receive any further email from Greenbelt Alliance, please reply to this email address and indicate your wish to be removed from our list.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

SJ Bike Shop Wants to Buy Votes?

It appears STBikes, a San Jose, California bike shop, wants my vote bad enough that they may be willing to bribe me for it.

ST Bikes Ad

This came in my E-mail today (September 6, 2005.)

If I am reading this right, if you vote for them in Metro Magazine's [Link] "Best of Silicon Valley Contest" you will receive a discount. Plus, if I am reading this right, the more times you vote for them, the more times you will get the discount. If they win this "contest" they get "free" publicity in Metro magazine.

Am I reading this right? Is this is really as this appears to me? If so, how can this possibly be ethical?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Great Whine and Dine Saturday with John and Rosa

John and Rosa
Last Saturday John and Rosa had a great party for riders of the whine and dine ride. It was great fun! We started the day with a ride from Los Altos, up Old La Honda to Skyline, across to 84, back down and return to Los Altos. It was one of the most aggressive rides I have done in a long time. You know after the ride and the party, I slept like a rock!

As the after work rides wind down we may start doing more weekend whine and dine rides.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bill Bliss Follow-up

Colorado police officer charged in ACTC cyclist’s death
According to the Cañon City Daily Record, a Colorado newspaper, the Fremont County Colorado district attorney’s office filed charges on July 25 against Cañon City Police Detective Doug Havens in connection with a deadly car vs. bicycle accident June 24 which killed ACTC member Bill Bliss on Colorado highway 67 near Wetmore, Colorado.

Havens, 34, was charged with careless driving causing death, a Class 1 misdemeanor traffic offense in Colorado, and speeding (77 in a 65 mph zone). He was driving a pickup northbound on Colorado state highway 67 — while off-duty — and collided from behind with a bicycle ridden by Bliss. Bliss, 69, died at the scene.

Havens, a Westcliffe Colorado resident, was uninjured in the crash, which took place about 11:25 a.m. a couple miles north of Wetmore. According to Coroner Dorothy Twellman, Havens was traveling about 60 mph when he hit Bliss, who died of a neck fracture at the base of his skull. A long-time ACTC member, Bliss was doing a cross-country bicycle tour.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sanborn Hostel, Great Destination

On Wednesday we rode to the youth hostel on Sanborn, off highway nine. This is a great place to ride too. The hostel is this tranquil quiet place that is way off the beaten path. I can't recommend it enough. Up until the incident with the motorcyclist, that is.

Cyclists at Sanborn

Thursday, August 04, 2005

September Queue Is Open

September Queue Is Open:
It can be found at this link [link].

Michael Curtis assaulted by motorcyclist

Police cars investigating

According to former ACTC president Michael Curtis, as well as several witnesses to the incident, Curtis was injured on the evening of Wednesday August third when a motorcyclist shoved him to the ground causing him to crash. Curtis was traveling eastbound on Los Gatos Blvd near Los Gatos Saratoga Road in the bike lane.

Curtis said the motorcyclist entered the bike lane and came close to him. According to Curtis words were exchanged. Then the motorcyclist reached over to him, from his motorbike to Curtis's bicycle while both were in motion, and shoved Curtis to the ground. Curtis was riding from the end of the Wednesday club whine and dine ride to the evening dinner after the ride, also in Los Gatos.

Witnesses stopped and helped Curtis, except for one that followed the motorcycle and got his license plate number. According to police they are investigating.

Steve Sloan came upon the scene and Sloan and Curtis went to the hospital. Curtis was banged up, he had several wounds and some road rash but no broken bones were found.

Monday, July 25, 2005

A great wedding

My eldest son Steve and new daughter-in-law Luci had a great wedding in North Bend, Washington. I am blogging about this on my family blog.

Steve and Luci Sloan

Friday, July 22, 2005

On vacation again

I am in Seattle with family for my oldest son's wedding. I will be back in August. I am covering the trip on my family blog.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Final Version of August BBB Posted

The final version of the August newsletter is posted [ download here, 1.1 MB PDF ]. This is it. It is done! It is sent to the printer. No more edits will be allowed. The newsletter is done finished and has gone to press!

Second alpha version on August 2005 BBB posted!

The second "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is all 20 pages and may have missing content! This is the last pre-release version.

Here is what I know is missing from this issue:

  • The table of contents is still from the July issue
  • The Sierra-to-the-Sea photo spread is not here

Other than that this is pretty much what it is going to look like! Any edits, comments or corrections will be greatly appreciated.~Steve

Saturday, July 16, 2005

First alpha of August 2005 BBB Posted

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 12 pages and may have missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

August Queue Posted

The Queue for the August BBB is located here:
It has the first draft of the composite story on Bill Bliss and will include more content as soon as I can get it posted.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bill Bliss Story #2

My first memory of Bill Bliss was back in 1991. He was leading a ride down to GWBR, so I decided to come along. This was my first time, so Bill showed me the route. Bill had been riding this route for many years, going south of Hollister on Hwy 25 on some very isolated roads. Bill showed me all of the places to stop for water and food. We ate breakfast at Jerry's in Hollister, and Bill would always tip with a $2 bill, saying it was more special that way. I've used this same route every year since then, leading a group or riders down to the Rally. But it was going along with Bill that first time that made this route possible.


Bill Bliss Story #1

I have one story about Bill that shows what a really tough guy he was.  Way back in '83/'84, when we worked together at Lockheed, he fell on his commute to work since it was SNOWING!  He got up, continued on the trip and got to work.  He had broken his pelvis. I sensed something on the other side of my cubicle wall and got up to see why it was moving. It was Bill, hanging onto it for support. He was having a very hard time walking!   Eventually, his boss got him to agree to go to the doctor and they wheeled him out of the building on an office chair.  He was told not to cycle for 6 weeks, but I think he was back on his bike before then.
~ Sandy Vaurs

Editorial: Thoughts from the saddle


Bicycle riding can be many things. It can be very social where you ride for hours laughing and talking with your friends. It can also be very solitary and an opportunity to spend a lot of time with yourself and your thoughts. Maybe that is why partly I love it so much, I get a lot out of both these activities. Cycling has been something I have been thinking so much about since the death of Bill Bliss and with the death last August 4th of ACTC club member James Mills on a club ride. Is it worth it? Yes, I think despite the lurking danger, the threat of sudden death around the next bend, I think it is. But never forget to be careful out there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Picture of Bill Bliss

Bill Bliss Remembered

Bill Bliss

Bill Bliss Obituary

Here is a link to the obituary published in the June 28, 2005 San Jose Mercury News.

The end of the ride

Susie met me in San Francisco at the end of my Sierra to the Sea bicycle ride. She was visibly happy to see me and proud of my ride. I can't think of anything more wonderful to see than her smiling face.

Susie and I
Sadly we just learned yesterday of the death of Bill Bliss, another member of our bicycle club, while riding his bike. That is the second death of a member of our club while riding a bike in the last year. Bicycle riding in traffic is a clearly dangerous activity.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back from the journey

Me on the golden gate bridge

I have returned from my bike tour!
Sierra to the Sea 2005 was a great bike tour. It was a bit cooler than past years and that was to the better. I had some great ride and saw many old friends and made new ones. I just returned yesterday so I have not yet processed a lot of the memories. On the last day many of the riders talked about their journeys. It impressed me that the experiences everybody shared were so different that at times they could have been talking about different trips. I guess life, and bicycle tours, is like that.

Kenneth has moved to his new home
Today I helped youngest son Ken move his bed and some of his belongings to his new place. Tonight is his first night in his own place. For me, for the first time since 1976, the nest is empty.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I am going off the grids

I will be a short turn drop out
For the next nine days I will be off the Internet grid and off the power grid. I will be on a bicycle touring the middle of California. If you want more information I will be on the Sierra to the Sea. I am really looking forward to the adventure and will blog about it after I return.

Blog full disclosure statement
Every now and then I like to post a link to each of my six blogs. This link gives a more honest view of my Internet identity than does reading one or two of the blogs alone.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Final Version of July BBB Posted

The final version of the July newsletter is posted [ download here, 1 MB PDF ]. It is done! It has the new calendar. No more edits will be allowed. The newsletter is finished and has gone to press!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Whine and Dine ride

Yesterday was the longest after work Whine and Dine ride for me this year. Next week I will be gone, then the days start getting shorter. It was a great ride!

Whine and Dine riders

Second alpha version on July 2005 BBB posted!

The second "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted [ download here ]. It is the first 14 pages and may have missing content! It has the new calendar and the ride schedule. No edits have been applied to the ride schedule. More will be posted as it becomes available. The newsletter will be finished and will go to press tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

First alpha of July 2005 BBB Posted

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first page and may have missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

July Newletter Queue Link

Contributors to the BBB are urged to check the queue to confirm the status of their contributions. The queue for the July issue is here:

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tour the Coast of Pacific Northwest

For information only: Join members ACTC for a tour of the Pacific Coast, from Portland to San Francisco, August 1st to 14th.  We'll take Amtrak to the start in Portland, ride to Astoria and then south along the Oregon and California coast and finish up by crossing the Golden Gate.  It will be a self contained tour with camping along the way, and dining in local restaurants.  We'll average 50 to 60 miles a day, with stops for sightseeing and photography along the way.  The Oregon Coast is some of the most dramatic shoreline in the US.
Cost is limited to just your own expenses for food, any camping fees and the Amtrak ticket to Portland. 
For more information, contact:
Scott Brown

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Whine and Dine Options

Whine and Dine Warriors:
Speaking only for the mellow ride! It looks like rain, the forecast is rain. But, so far, no rain. Here is the options as I see them:

Also don't forget the almost whine and dine "After Work Dirty Ride" mountain bike rides that Richard Holtermann is leading on Thursdays. If you like to do it in the dirt whine and dine style, these are great rides.

Happy Trails:

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's whine and dine time and the riding is easy!

Pegggy on Shannon
We had fantastic riding weather today. It was about as good as it gets! It was a warm evening too. It was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying good friends, good food and good wine! This is indeed as good as it gets.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Looking back on a very relaxing GWBR

Laying down with the dog
Last weekend was a ton of fun! It really felt good to get out and ride. We went to lots of wineries and you can read my reviews of them here. The weather was perfect, if a bit chilly at night and in the mornings. Jeff and I had a great time riding with Pam Downs on Saturday. When we lunched in Santa Margarita we saw this dog that really made the sidewalk look comfortable.

On Sunday Sue joined Jeff and I at Star Farms. Sue had real allergy problems over the weekend and was unable to ride.

Pam and Teri Duffy did a great job chairing the event and all the folks who pitched in really helped to make this a truly great club event.

Monday, May 30, 2005

We're home again

Folding up camp
After last night's fantastic dinner we folded up camp this morning and went home. Last night was spent talking, telling stories and drinking good wine. It was a great trip making new wonderful memories. That's what our club is all about.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday dinner soon at GWBR

Star Farms

We had a nice ride to Star Farms and back. The weather was moderate. Now it's time for a yummy dinner!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Perfect Paso Peddling

Pam and Jeff on ride
After a hardy bike club breakfast we had a fantastic day riding today with perfect weather in the upper 70's and low 80's. Pam Downs, Jeff and I had a great ride to Santa Margarita through the unique country around here. Rolling hills, giant oaks and fields of wine grapes were the order of the day. We really had a fun ride, as did so many other folks in our bike club today. Sue had a day to herself shopping and doing the things she likes to do. Tonight is the wine and cheese party. We are really looking forward to that.

As long as my laptop battery lasts, I will keep these reports coming!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Wonderful wine day

Today Sue, Jeff, Pam, Harold and I spent the day going to wineries. It was a great day and we had tons of fun. We tasted some yummy wine too! Meanwhile, the rest of the riders arrived and the rally is in full swing!

Norman wine pourer

Fine time in Paso

It started off cool and overcast. But, the sun is out and it looks like a great day. We had breakfast at Margies, and Harold and Diane came in and sat next to us. Today we are going wine tasting, we have a map and everything! This will likely be my last blog post as I forgot to bring a power cord. Our dinner last night at Bistro Laurent  was wonderful! This looks like a great weekend coming.

Here is a photo from yesterday:

Jimmy and Sue

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Live from Paso Robles

Live from the Great Western Bike Rally
Sue and I are in Paso Robles. Jeff drove the the bike club's chuck wagon down. The club has a nice area and plans are being made for the weekend's activities. The weather is great, not too hot!

Pam making plans

Sue, Jeff and I went out to a great dinner in downtown Paso. That was a lot of fun. It looks like a great weekend taking shape.

Whine and Dine Time

Whine and Dine Group

Yesterday evening we had great weather for the whine and dine bicycle ride and party. About 30 people rode the ride and a good number of those went out for the dinner after. What more could you ask for: good food, wine, beer and great friends on a warm late Spring evening! The riding was fantastic, the streams along the roads were running and the lake was full. The group I was riding with had a deer run along beside us off the side of the road as we descended down Shannon hill. That was too cool for words!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Great riding weather is here!

More weekend update
Suddenly the weather has changed and it is great riding weather again. On Saturday I went for my 40 mile ride and on Sunday Sue and I rode to La Foret, the restaurant we were married in in 1994.

Susie at La Foret

Friday, May 20, 2005

Ready for the end of rain!

Summer is a month away and it has still been raining. Hopefully the clouds will go away. I am ready to do some serious bike rides.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Ads in the BBB

All the ads combined (at best) bring in $17.50 per month revenue and (at worst) either:

  • Cost us hundreds of dollars in postage and increased printing fees when we have to increase the page count to accommodate added content
  • Or, we have to drop content.
I think when we take in money we are obligated to run the ads. I think the membership needs to be aware of that. It has been mentioned that some of the shops that advertise in the BBB give discounts to club members. Do you know how many of the shops still offer discounts? I know not all do.

The Math:
  • We make $960 per year from advertising, assuming all advertisers actually pay us.
  • We print 12 issues per year so $960/12 = $80 per month revenue
  • We pay $1500 per month (printing+postage+pizza)
  • We typically print 24 pages
  • $1500/24 = $62.50 cost per page
  • $80-$62.50 = $17.50 best case scenario profit per month.
The decision to drop adds will be the clubs, not mine. But, it needs to be an informed decision. Remember each inch of space costs money.

  • Continue as we are
  • Have an understanding with advertisers that they are buying 12 adds, not 12 months of ads and that any given months ads may be dropped for space considerations.
  • Have an understanding with advertisers that they are buying 12 months of ads and that any given months ads may be dropped for space considerations and we will not issue refunds.
  • Drop ads and use the space for other content, perhaps including a list of local bike shops on a space available basis.
  • Embrace advertising as a revenue stream, raise rates, make it worth our while.

July BBB queue is now open

The queue for the July issue is here:

Paul Vlasveld will be hosting the mailing party for this JULY issue. He said:

I will be hosting the JUNE Mailing Party (for the July issue) on June 23rd at 7:00pm

Call 24hrs in advance so I know how much pizza to order and cookies to bake.

Paul Vlasveld
789 Daffodil Way
San Jose, Ca 95117

Remember this is the mailing party for the July issue being held in June that Paul will be hosting. The June issue mailing party, to be held this Thursday, is not changed.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ghost Rider's of Cat's Hill

Ghost riders in Los Gatos
In the June issue of the Black and Blue Bottom [1 MB PDF] are some of the bike racing photos I have taken over the last couple of months. Years ago I was a newspaper photographer and I shot a lot of sports. I still love to do it and have really enjoyed some of the artistic effects I have been able to get using my Digital Nikon camera. I hope you like the pictures!

Final Version of June BBB Posted

This is the version sent to the printer
This is the production version of the June 2005 BBB, the newsletter is posted here. As we do not have a location for the June mailing party it was listed as location not determined at publication date.

Last Apha of BBB, Jun. 2005 Newsletter here!

This is a 20 page issue
The last "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. The first 19 pages should not have missing content. The last, back page is not done. Be advised as we do not have a location for the June mailing party it will be listed as "location not determined at publication date.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

First alpha of June BBB Posted

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 13 pages and may have missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Friday, May 13, 2005

June Newsletter, Post #1

The queue for the June issue is here:
There are no PDF files posted yet.

Stolen Bike Report

My garage was broken into early morning on May 12th.  I live in the Cambrian area of San Jose.  It seemed as though they were in just to get all my bike stuff so I'm just making a list and asking people to keep their eyes peeled just in case they notice anything suspicious concerning anyone trying to get rid of some pretty expensive bike stuff.  If you notice anything, please call the SJPD at:  408-277-8900 (311 in San Jose).  The case number is 05-132-0216.  OR you can call me and I'll get the information to the police. Here's my number:  408-406-4608.

ALSO, Please pass on the document to your friends you ride with around the area and some of the local clubs and teams just in case anyone sees or hears anything.

Thanks a whole bunch,

Dave Hanel

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rainy Day Sunday

Tonight is the deadline for storys for the June edition of the BBB. Next week we will be in production again. Here is another photo I like from yesterday's race:

Cat 3 rider on the hill

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cat's Hill Crit Bike Race, 2005

Racers at Cat's Hill Crit
Today's Cat's Hill Crit Bike Race was thrilling.  The weather stayed dry and the racing was intense. I think everybody had a good time watching the race. I know I did!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Napa Valley Dirt Classic Race

By: Kathleen Meyer
It was 1995, my first ever mtb race, where my inexperience caused me to crash and fracture my skull. I decided that racing wasn't for me and I should stick to enjoying my bike. The following spring Glenn Wegner convinced me that the Napa Valley Dirt Classic course was so fun that I should go and just ride it like a ride. The course is on private property, usually not open to mountain biking. It was awesome!
Now 10 years later I found myself back there. I have been there many of the years in-between but this time I had company. Having promised my 15 year old that I would pay for him to race if he put in a good effort at the Sea Otter, I had to keep my promise. No reason for me not to race while there too. Jeff wanted Garrett (12 years old and not so into biking) and Mac (our newest addition to the family-from the beagle rescue) to come along too.
Saturday night at a Motel 6 in Fairfield was meant to give us a good night's rest but we didn't plan on a beagle in unfamiliar territory. Just as we were drifting off, Mac alerted us to the possibility of danger off somewhere outside. A sign of things to come! Patrick (who had avoided sharing the bed with his brother by sleeping on the floor under the window with the air conditioner/heater) had knocked the cover off the heater during one of his many tosses and turns. Mac, woken by the sound, sat on the bed continually growling at this invader...grrruuu.....grrruuu....grrruuu. I was finally forced out of bed to retrieve the object from a still sleeping Patrick and able to show Mac that the enemy was taken care of. It was the kind of night everyone hopes not to get just before a grueling race.
We got there way too early. As I registered Patrick and me, I realized I was in a different age category. As I showed it to Jeff, he said I should change it and race with the women I know, down one age category. I asked and they agreed. Good job!
The mice were coming in as were the Velo Bellas (Meredith) and fellow TWWers. Missing was Erin. The excuse I heard for her not showing was to lame to repeat.  Sorry Erin...    :)
My friend Walt (Walt introduced Berry Stevens to mountain biking and trailwork) came up to visit us. I had asked him to come see Patrick race and he was there. He has been a great friend for the boys and me over the years.
We were at the start line when Julie Brown (I can't remember that other name! ...Barrott) came up looking for her group. Turns out Paule didn't help her pay attention-she was in the original category I singed into. Their start would be 6 minutes later and there wouldn't be any of the women she usually raced with. As we with lined up with 2 minutes to go, I called out to the starter. I explained the situation and asked him if she could start with us. He called for her on the mic, had her come up and join us. It eventually caused some confusion in the scoring but made for a much better race for all.
Patrick started 2 minutes behind us. I wasn't really into racing but the course was fun. I spent the first half wondering if I should stop and wait for Patrick, then I could ride in with him. I had forgotten just how hard this course could be. Not everyone will understand the conflict going on inside me. Here I have taught this kid how to ride. He enjoys it, we both do. Our times riding together have been a special time for him to talk to me. Yet this course is so tough, I kept thinking "what if something bad should happen while he is on my watch?". Was he really ready for it? Then again, finishing on his own without mom hovering is important to helping him become an independent person. Really tough call. It's not always so easy being mom!
Once the serious climbing started I let go of the worry. For one thing, I have always climbed that heinous hill and even though I am not in racing shape, I didn't want that to be an excuse.
I made the hill, had two cramping calves and a good sprint at the finish. Coming across the finish line, Garrett and Walt were there with hugs. I, of course, let them both hold me upright as I stood there collecting my hugs!
No one at the finish line had any horror stories about crashing kids on the course so I figured with Patrick 30 minutes back, I'd take a quick shower. Imagine my surprise to come out of the building to see Patrick standing there with his bike. "You didn't finish the race?" He replied he had. "Did you cut the course"? No he replied. It took a while before I actually believed he had not only finished but he did much better than I expected. The results don't lie.
02:27:23 Patrick
02:15:31 Mom
Good job mom!!!!
Mac and Patrick were in bed by 8pm last night. Wonderful!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Shooting Bike Racing

Bike Racing Photo
Today is another rainy day, so I had to cancel the bicycle ride I was going to lead today for JC Henderson. Instead Sue and I went Shopping and Wine Tasting. Well, if I cannot ride a bike I can at least play with bike photography. Here is a photo we made at last weekend's Sea Otter. It was a great event!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Russian River Rally Staffed!

Great News!
This is from Mary Paquet:
Diane LeGore, with Chris Thompson assisting, has volunteered to chair the Russian Rivery Rally. I asked Diane at the general meeting. I guess by the end of the meeting she decided positively and let Penny know. I called her last week, and she told me the good news. I will ask Diane if she wants to write an article for next month's B&BB or if she would prefer that I do it. Either way, Steve, plan for a few paragraphs for RRR.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Whine and Dine Update

The route sheet for my ride is now posted at the website:

Please note it is a white day. Folks are invited to bring a bottle of wine to the ride to share at the after ride meal.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Newsletter and Del Valle Campout

The newsletter is being printed by the same printer as last month and will be ready for distribution on Thursday. I have been busy with projects at work so this one got done by the skin of my teeth. I didn't get everything I wanted to get done with it, but I think it will be fine. There is a few things that didn't make it into this issue, they will have to wait until the next.

It appears the Del Valle Campout is going to not happen due to lack of a chair. The newsletter lists it as a May event. It appears at this point the same may happen with the Russian River Rally. My understanding is the processes and procedures are pretty well documented. So, if somebody is interested in having these great events happen, please don't be shy about stepping up. You will have guidelines to help you know what to do. It is a shame to see these events not occur.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Here is the May newsletter

After burning the midnight oil and then some, here is the May BBB:

Now I can go to bed!


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Yesterday we went to the Sea Otter

Kathy Pruitt at Sea Otter
Yesterday Sue and I went to the Sea Otter Classic at Laguna Seca Raceway. It is a huge cycling event that has no equal in our area. There are many races, both road and mountain, lots of vendors and events for non-racers. I got this great shot which I like a lot, It is of Kathy Puitt of Luna Chix loosing a close race to Sabrina Jonnier of the Fox Racing team. Jonnier went on to win the event.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

First alpha of May BBB Posted

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the May newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 14 pages and has lots of missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Tierra Bella 2005 Coverage

Me as a reporter
Saturday was our club's annual Tierra Bella Century Ride. This is also our biggest fund raiser and is generally a huge deal in our bicycle club. Jim Chaskin and I went out as a reporter-photographer team to cover the event for our club's newsletter. The event was a huge hit!

Sunday was a hectic and not a good day. In the middle of the day I decided to try to take a break from the work I was doing and went for a bike ride. On my way up Kennedy I fell and scraped up my knee pretty bad. Then this morning I fell again on my scooter. That was not nearly as bad as falling on my bike yesterday was. I had a heavy and padded leather jacket on. The jacket absorbed the impact. As far as the accident on my bicycle is concerned, I learned how important it is to check the quick releases often. The rear release had worked loose. I am lucky my wheel did not come off!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Whine and Dine Ride Info Here

Here is the URL for the whine and dine rides. The rides are currently all road rides on Wednesdays at 6pm, from summit bikes in Los Gatos. Rides are led at 2 or 3 performance levels, so we try to have something for everybody. Everything you need to know about Whine and Dine (WND) is here.

The rides are very, very social and after the rides we go out for burritos, which is very, very, very social! We have wine with dinner and folks are invited to bring some to share. We alternate between red and white weeks, this coming Wednesday is a red week. John Morgan has a great photo gallery with fun pictures from our WND rides. It is located here.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

May story queue now open

The story queue is now open for the Black and Blue Bottom. Please follow this link to see what is on-tap for the next edition. Potential contributors please let me know if you would like to add stories and photos and I will add you to the list.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Can you believe it, it's whine and dine time again!

After consulting with Tyler. I am creating a NEW whine and dine E-mail list for 2005. If you wish to be on the new list for 2005, please reply to this by E-mail. Remember, road rides are on Wednesdays this year.

Click here for more info!

Monday, March 28, 2005

My sister Lura's memorial is tomorrow

Lura and Floyd at their wedding in 1960
On September 16, 1942, my sister Lura was born in Parsons, Kansas.  She died on March 7th of this year. I don't know what I can say about my wonderful and all of the good things she has done for so many people. I made this movie [ 45 MB, Quicktime Movie ] about her life. It only touches the surface of the love she had for so many, and the love we have for her.

If you do not already have it, this movie requires Apple's Quicktime Player.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

April 2005 Final Version Posted

The Final Version of the newsletter is posted here. This is all pages and no missing content! This is how it went to the printer!

Monday, March 07, 2005

My sister died today

My sister died today and I will be off line for awhile. For more information see this post.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

ACTC Cyclist Dennis King hit by truck on Bear Creek Road

The following reports are from the ACTC mailing list. They are mostly from fellow cyclists who were on the ride with Dennis at the time and were sent to the list immediately after the crash, when events were fresh in their minds. They are presented here unedited.
~Steve Sloan

As reported to me by Kim Carr, my co-leader :  A car was coming down Bear Creek Road, then went out of control as it went around a curve, spun out and came across the road, hitting Dennis King and almost Tom Sawyer. Dennis was airlifted out by helicopter. Tom managed to jump out of the way, and is a little sore. Kim and many from the longer option arrived on the scene a little later and stayed till things were finished. Dennis has some broken bones.
As reported by Guy Neenan :  We had a serious mishap ascending Bear Creek.  A pickup lost control coming around a wet hairpin.  It spun 360 and mashed Dennis King's bike.  Tom Sawyer jumped-clear but Dennis was knocked into the ditch and his bike was deeply engaged with the suspension of the truck.  Dennis was medivac-ed to Stanford trauma ward.  He seemed OK, but they want to observe him closely.  Kim, Tom, and others did a great job communicating with the medics and officers.  Kim contacted Dennis wife.  Franz documented the scene.
It could easily have been a multiple mortal situation.  We're glad it wasn't worse. Serious incidents like this are remarkably infrequent when you consider how many miles and hours we're out there.  We lack total control of our safety.  We're exposed to traffic risk on every ride.  The risk isn't just physical injury, it's mortal.  We are lucky to be alive, healthy, and ever ready to get out there with you and all of our cycling friends and associates.
~Don Axtell
Steve and I were just ahead of the crash - the driver of the pickup was accelerating as he was coming down fast and doing four wheel drifts through the turns - he almost lost control as he came around the turn at me and then accelerated on through the next turn.  This was not a case of an accident due to wet pavement - this was a young cocky youth pushing the speed limits with a truck on a winding narrow downhill.  He is lucky he did not kill someone.  If there is a need for any witness to this fact, both Steve and I are willing to bear witness that this was not just an accident due to road conditions.   This case needs some publicity.
~Patrice Carney 
Dennis King Accident On Bear Creek Road March 5, 2005
It may be good for those of us who were witness to share what we saw and feel.
Dennis was at the back of a group of 3-4 riders and I was about 150-200 yards behind. Not long before I was part of that group but as the road tilts up I tend to fall back. We were climbing Bear Creek Rd from Boulder Creak toward Skyline. A pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction (downhill) lost control going around a curve on wet pavement and swerved several times before turning 180 degrees sliding backwards toward this group of riders. Tom Sawyer who was in front of Dennis was able to bail out and get out of the way but Dennis had no place to escape. I did not see this happen as it occurred around a bend in front of me. But I did hear the sound of screeching tires and the impact of two automobiles. It turns out that impact was between a car traveling in my direction, going around the bend, being met by the pickup truck sliding backwards into him. Upon reflection I believe this collision between the two cars may have stopped the pickup and resulted in less impact to Dennis.
I arrived at the scene probably less than 1 minute after the accident. Dennis was lying in a fetal position on soft mud between the pickup truck right front tire and embankment next to the road. His bike was behind the right front wheel of the truck and badly mangled. I called out his name, he recognized me, I asked him how he felt, and he said I’m just lying here thinking about what to do next. He indicated his left shoulder hurt but he did not appear to be in any discomfort. I did not see any bleeding or bruises. I was relieved. Sizing up the situation, this could have turned out much, much worse. But for split seconds and fractions of inches this could well have been a multiple fatality accident.
Within 5 minutes of the accident a club member who is a paramedic in Milpitas (can’t remember her name) was on her way to work and came upon the scene. She took control and had some jackets with her so we were able to keep Dennis comfortable.
I was surprised that Dennis was airlifted to Stanford hospital but one of the paramedics later told me there was evidence of memory loss so this is standard procedure. At one point early on the young driver of the pickup (I estimate him to be about 20) came over and apologized to Dennis. Dennis asked him how fast he was going and the young man replied 30-35 mph. Dennis said too fast. Clearly Dennis was fully aware of the situation at that point. Later when the paramedics arrived Dennis could not recall what happened.
Unfortunately I’ve come upon bicycle accident scenes before. The good news is that people always seem to instinctively know what needs to be done. Several riders positioned themselves upstream and downstream to slow down oncoming traffic. Several people stayed with Dennis to keep him comfortable. Everyone else stayed in the background and out of the way. My instincts were to inform new riders arriving at the scene about what had happened and to assure them that it was not serious.
Looking at my cell phone log I see that I placed the call to 911 at 11:46 AM and received a callback 11:58 AM – the same time the ambulance arrived (it seemed so much longer). Looking at my GPS log I see the accident happened 5.0 miles northeast of Highway 9.
~Jerry Schonewille
Paul, Ray and I went down to Stanford to check on Dennis. He was in good spirits, but tired and hurting. He has a broken collar bone and two fratures to the shoulder blade. They kept him until 8pm, as they took xrays twice and then a cat scan. One fracture may go into the joint and that was the cause for additional concern. He needs to go back into be check more extensively on Monday. When we left he was being taken home by Anne and Christopher, and their just arrived out of town guests...
~Grete Johnson
I was within 20 yards in front of Dennis.  I can also be a witness if needed.  The truck driver was going down way too fast on turns.  The truck was sliding to the opposite direction, the truck driver tried to correct it by swinging back to his lane but then he over corrected and tried to correct again.  That caused a 180 degree spin and hit Dennis.  Although I was in front of Dennis, I saw the impact through my rear view mirror.
~Ben Luu
Hi folks,
I'm alright as far as we can tell. The ambulance took me to Dominican Hospital where after various pokings I was deemed fit for discharge. It wil be some time before the image of that F150 coming at me disappears. I leaped off the bike while twisting to my left to avoid the truck and most likely landed on my back where the road "coves" into the ditch. All body parts seem to be working, but I really ache in the area between my ribs and pelvic bones.
I consider myself very lucky. I had heard the tires before the truck appeared and feared trouble. It screeched anound the corner and skidded into the uphill lane (the road is reverse-banked and was wet). The driver over corrected and shot towards the creek side. I was peddling as fast as I could uphill which no doubt saved me. The driver again overcorrected and now came toward me, but was skidding. I jumped, the truck continued skidding, and I heard it hit Dennis.
I really lost it; yelling at the driver - I thought Dennis was dead. I tried to cell-out, but the signal was so low that 911 got me some residence and the person answering couldn't grasp the fact that we needed help. I stopped a truck and sent it back to Boulder Creek asking the driver to call for an ambulance and the police. Other riders were arriving and several took up positions above and below the site to stop traffic, letting one direction go at a time. Litsel(?) Urnst had stopped and volunteered her paramedic training. Dennis was able to move arms and legs and feel everytihing, but didn't want anybody touching his left shoulder - presumably the contact point with the truck.
The truck had done a 180 and was pointing uphill and had hit a pickup coming up Bear Creek. The driver (Brian Iles of Ben Lomand) took down all the accident-related details. It took about 20-minutes for the first ambulance to arrive and about 30 or more before the CHP arrived - officer Griefer. They decided that it would be prudent to medivac Denis. They immobilized him on a gurney and presumably drove down to Boulder Creek where he was picked up. We didn't know where they were taking him until the heliocopter took off.
By now it was hard for me to stand and I felt it would be worse if I sat down. Eventually everything was cleaned up; I climbed into the remaining ambulance and rode to Dominican. My paramedic rider was a Catagory 1 pro and also raced mountain bikes. He had been in so many accidents (including some as a bike-messenger in SF) that I decided not to play the sympathy card.
I'm now home; glad to be alive and uninjured; and not looking forward to living with the bruises,
~Tom Sawyer

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cat's Hill Crit Info

The Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club, recently named the number one cycling club in the US, has presented the Cat's Hill Classic bicycle race continuously since 1974. The Cat's Hill Criterium is one of the oldest grass roots cycling races in the US. The grueling Cat's Hill climb has challenged the likes of Greg LeMond (winner in 1978), Derek Bouchard-Hall, Karen Brems, Suzy Pride, Nicole Freedman, Eric Heiden, Davis Phinney, Bob Roll, Ted Huang, Eric Wohlberg, Trent Klasna, Antonio Cruz and Dylan Casey.

More than 700 amateur and professional riders are expected to compete on the demanding one-mile course that starts at the corner of Tait and Nicholson Avenues in Los Gatos. The route is a clockwise loop that includes the incredibly steep 23% climb and six  90-degree turns. Race lengths range from three to forty laps, depending on age and ability classifications. The Cat's Hill Classic is held under USA Cycling (USAC) permit and is part of both the prestigious Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Race Series (LAJORS) and the Northern California Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA) Prestige Series.

The Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club invites all cycling fans to attend this great event starting at 10 am on May 7, 2005. Join us for fun, excitement, famous faces and fabulous races. For directions and additional information, visit the race website at

For information contact:

Scott Barth
2005 Testarossa Vineyard Cat's Hill Classic Race Director


Barry Gordon, President
Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club
USA Cycling 2004 Club of the Year

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Whine and Dine Rides for 2005

Tyler and I have agreed that we are only going to start road rides in April. We will start Whine and Dine Road Rides for Wednesday starting April 6th.

Here is why:

  • Tyler and I are on the board and we have two Tuesdays a month committed to that.
  • Argonaught rides are Monday and Thursday and we don't want road rides to conflict with that.
  • Some folks don't want MTB rides on Mondays.
  • MTB ridership was way down anyway.
  • Being committed to three nights a week (including riding and ACTC service) on two weeks a month, plus the newsletter, would be too much for me.

Let us know what you think:

April story queue now open!

The story queue is now open for the Black and Blue Bottom. Please follow this link to see what is on-tap for the next edition. Potential contributors please let me know if you would like to add stories and photos and I will add you to the list.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Walk/Bike California 2005 Conference

Call for Presentations, Sponsors and Exhibitors

The second biennial Walk/Bike California Conference will be held on Wednesday, September 14 to Friday, September 16, 2005 in Ventura, California.

Please join us with your participation and respond to the Call for Presentations, Sponsors or Exhibits by Thursday, March 24. For information and submittal forms, refer to the conference web site:

Whether your interest is engineering, planning, public health, universal access, livable communities, safety, education, law, transportation reform or marketing, Walk/Bike California 2005 is an essential conference to share your work, network with colleagues, and meet those who are funding and creating an exciting movement that is changing the way Californians live. The conference will feature informational sessions, workshops and mobile tours on topics that are vital to all levels of staff in your organization.

Walk/Bike California 2005 is hosted by the California Bicycle Coalition and the City of Ventura in association with California Walks.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Final Version Posted!

It is a BBB like you have never seen before!
The Final Version of the newsletter is posted here. This is all pages and no missing content! This is how it went to the printer!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Blog Full Disclosure Statement

Dear Blogosphere:

One of the topics of conversation that came up in last night's great Geek Dinner with Robert Scoble is how a person presents his or herself and establishes a virtual identity with blogs. Should a person have one weblog where all thoughts, opinions, passions and ideas are presented? Or, should a person divide their blogs into categorys that can be viewed as a whole or by category? Or, should they have separate blogs for different parts of their lives?

I went the different blog route. I do not want folks to have to sift through what to them may seem like noise to get to the content (the signal) that they want. Also, I do not want folks to be turned off on what I present on one topic because they disagree with an unrelated opinion.

The down side is I may not be presenting an honest digital identity of who I am. So, for the sake of honesty and full disclosure, here it all is:

My Family Weblog
This where I chronicle my family and personal life. This is a digital journal of the folks who are nearest and dearest to me.
My Geek Blog
This is where I write about my work and passion for emerging technology in higher education.
The Edupodder Blog
This is where is host content specific to podcasting in higher education and content related to the sessions I teach in the Center for Faculty Development and Support at SJSU. This often crosses over with my Geek Blog. I am concerned that dual posting between this and my Geek Blog may happen too often and may dilute the topic conversations on each.
The Black and Blue Blog
This is where you can read bicycle news and information related to the bike club I am active in, the Almaden Cycle Touring Club. I am the publisher of their monthly newsletter and I use this blog as a club news source and a place to coordinate production of that newsletter.
My Opinion Blog
This is where I hide my opinions of everything from movies and wine to politics, religion and relationships. If you disagree, I respect your opinion.

So, there it is Blogosphere, that is who I am. For the sake of full disclosure, I am posting this to all my blogs!


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fifth and final alpha version of March BBB posted

It is a BBB like you have never seen before!
The Fifth "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. This is all pages and no missing content! The TOC remains to be done, but that is it.

This is for final copy editing, please send any copy edits that may have crept in to me for correction. There is no changes for major revision as I will be out of town. But, I will bring this with me on my laptop and will check E-mail when I can.

Fourth alpha version of March BBB posted

The Fourth "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. This is all pages and has a lot of missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Third Alpha Version of BBB posted (pages 1-15)

The third "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. Again, it is the first 15 pages and has missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Second alpha of March BBB Posted (Pages 1-15)

The second "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 15 pages and has a lot of missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available. This is going to be a 24 page issue.

Monday, February 07, 2005

First alpha of March BBB Posted

The first "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first three pages and may have missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Queue closed, pages now coming!

The March Queue is closed! All stories are now done and posted here. Please stand by for pages to be posted.


3-State 3-Mountain Challenge

This is not an endorsement of this event!

Dear bicycle club or shop representative,

The Chattanooga Bicycle Club is announcing the 2005 3-State 3-Mountain Challenge.  The Mayor of Chattanooga has chosen this event as one of three events to showcase Chattanooga and what it has to offer. We would really appreciate your sharing the following information with your members and customers and including us on your ride calendar. More detail is on our web site -

The 3-State 3-Mountain Challenge - May 7, 2005 - is one of the southeast's most scenic and challenging centuries.  The rigorous 100-mile option will take you through 3 states (Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia) and over 3 mountains (Suck Creek, Sand and Lookout).  62-mile and 25-mile options are available also.

Hailed by cyclists as the most unique century they've ever ridden, this year's promises to be the best ever! Great ride support, t-shirt, pizza party at the finish, top quality event jersey available, packet pickup and cycling & other outdoor adventure related booths at the stadium on Friday night, nationally acclaimed 4 Bridges Art Festival across the street at the pavilion, opening celebrations of the new waterfront development, all the extras for a great event! Several convenient downtown hotels are serving as host hotels with a limited number of rooms reserved for the event at a special rate. Teams of five or more and tandem pairs are encouraged with a $5 discount per person. Funds raised will benefit the Bethel Children's Village and other local Charities.

More detailed information and applications are available on our website -- -- and online registration is available from our web site or from  Contact for the event is Daisy Blanton, 706/820-1157 or  Please contact me for flyers for this event.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

March BBB Story Queue Posted

March newsletter queue is posted here. Please stay tuned for postings of newsletter pages.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Specialized Morgan Hill Grand Prix, April 10, 2005

Mark Rauscher
Morgan Hill, Calif, January 27, 2005 — The Morgan Hill Grand Prix, Northern California's newest and most eagerly-awaited professional and amateur road race, will take place on April 10, 2005, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Between 300-500 pro and amateur athletes, and approximately 2,000 spectators are expected to attend.

"It's really great to be involved in the creation of a local race," says Mike Sinyard, Founder and President of Specialized Bicycles, located in Morgan Hill, CA. "We're committed to creating a sustainable event that's built out of the passion of the riders. But there's more to it than that. Morgan Hill is a great city, we've had our headquarters and R&D facility here for more than twenty years, and hosting a cycling race here provides a way for people from outside to discover what Morgan Hill has to offer. And of course this is going to be a real fun day, for cyclists, for families, and for the community as a whole. Ultimately we want to put our hometown, Morgan Hill, on the map as a destination for cycling worldwide - and believe me, there's some awesome riding in this area."

In its inaugural year, the Specialized Morgan Hill Grand Prix is expected to attract several nationally ranked cyclists, from Northern California and out of state. The race takes place on a winding circuit in downtown Morgan Hill, with nine turns in just over one mile. This style of race is known in the cycling world as a "criterium." Criteriums are always fast and furious, with riders frequently trying to get away from the field and 'steal a lap' on the short course. The circuit starts and finishes at the corner of Monterey Road and the 3rd Street Webcor Bridge, which is being refaced courtesy of Webcor Builders just for this race. The Webcor Bridge and the short climb are two signature features of the course. The "Hill" will be the setting for the most explosive action when the power-climbers decide to put a little leg-burn on their rivals, and the narrow entrance to Webcor Bridge will be a critical spot every lap with riders looking to be first through the gap. The grand finale will take place on the picturesque tree-lined Monterey Road where a bunch sprint for line honors will see riders top 40 mph.

10-15 exposition displays will be set up by event sponsors and cycling and sports industry companies, and various children's activities will take place throughout the day. See next page for contact information.

Who: 300-500 Pro and Amateur Road Cyclists and 2000+ Spectators (estimated)
What: Morgan Hill Grand Prix
When: April 10, 2005 – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: Downtown Morgan Hill, CA
Information:, Event Hotline (650) 302-6310

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Armstrong & Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team begins 2005


Silver Spring, Md. - Discovery Communications announced today the beginning of a new era in professional cycling with the worldwide unveiling of the 2005 Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team led by six-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong. Following a nine-year sponsorship agreement with the United States Postal Service, the only American professional cycling team ever to win the Tour de France begins its new global partnership with Discovery Communications.

"Today marks the beginning of a special partnership that allows Discovery to support an inspiring and dedicated group of athletes who represent the very best in sports," said Judith A. McHale, president and CEO, Discovery Communications, Inc. "Discovery looks forward to developing with Lance and the entire Team Discovery Channel the highest quality programs about healthy living, medical breakthroughs, the science of sports, and cancer survivorship and education for our worldwide audience."

Armstrong added, "We could not be more happy that our new title sponsor is Discovery Communications. Since its beginning almost 20 years ago, Discovery has represented the highest standards of quality media and the values that our international cycling team also represent -- the pursuit of excellence and a commitment to help people become better, smarter citizens."

Today's worldwide team presentation included an introduction of the 28 cyclists from 15 countries as well as the global unveiling of the new team uniform, bicycle and the 2005 race schedule.

The 2004 cycling season was historic as the team recorded its best season ever, winning 33 international events including Armstrong's record sixth consecutive Tour de France victory.

Led by Armstrong, the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team begins 2005 with an even stronger line up than last season. Key returning riders include: Portugal's Jose Azevedo, who finished fifth in the 2004 Tour de France; Classics team leader and key Tour de France performer George Hincapie of the United States; 14-time Tour de France finisher and Athens Olympic medalist Viatcheslav Ekimov of Russia; and Max van Heeswijk of the Netherlands, who won a career best 13 races last season. One of cycling's most exciting young riders and potential Tour de France contender Yaroslav Popovych of the Ukraine and 2002 Tour of Italy champion Paolo Savoldelli are among several new riders joining the team in 2005.

Team Discovery Channel will begin the 2005 professional cycling season racing for the first time in Malaysia's Tour de Langkawi from January 28 to February 6 and the Doha Classic and Tour of Qatar from January 29 to February 4. The team will also participate in all three Grand Tours, which include the Tour de France, the Tour of Spain and Team Discovery Channel's first Tour of Italy.

Under the global partnership agreement, team leader Lance Armstrong serves as an on-air personality across Discovery's networks in the United States and around the world. Armstrong, already part of episodes on Discovery Channel's AMERICAN CHOPPER and TLC's OVERHAULIN', will also be featured in programming on Travel Channel and The Science Channel, as well as Discovery's television properties dedicated to health, wellness and fitness - Discovery Health Channel and FitTV.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Final Feb BBB Posted Here!

The final and finished "release version [ definition here ]" of the February 2005 newsletter is posted here [ PDF, 1.1 MB ]. This is it! It is done! No more versions will be posted. It is a compact newsletter with a lot of content. A special thank you to all of you who helped edit and/or contributed content!

Last pre-release version of Feb. 2005 BBB!

The fifth and last "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the February 2005 newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 19 pages it is pretty much complete! No more pre-release versions will be posted due to deadline. I will be doing the last page first thing Monday morning, so this is your last chance!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fourth alpha version of Feb BBB posted.

The fourth "alpha version [ definition here ]" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 19 pages and has missing content! More will be posted as it becomes available.

Race Across America to be broadcast

UltraMarathon Cycling Association, Inc.
For Immediate Release

Please let your club know via e-mail and/or your website that the NBC Sports will broadcast a two-hour show of the 2004 Race Across America on Saturday, January 22, from 2:30 - 4:30 EST (check local listings.)  Below / attached is more information.

John Hughes
Managing Director, UMCA, Inc

Ultra-Endurance Race Adopts Cycling-For-All Approach

TEMPE, Arizona- The Insight Race Across America is pleased to announce a two-hour NBC Sports airing of the 2004 edition on Saturday, January 22, 2005, 2.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. EST (check your listings for any local variations).

The NBC broadcast adds to a host of feature-length shows focusing on the event internationally, and in its 24th year, RAAM is now receiving worldwide recognition beyond the wildest dreams of the race's founders. As it approaches its quarter-century milestone, RAAM is gradually becoming an international tradition. A key observer of RAAM's development is Jim Lampley, who hosted ABC's Wide World of Sports telecasts of the first five RAAM editions and who is one of the Executive Producers of the upcoming telecast.  Lampley's company, Crystal Spring Productions, was hard at work on RAAM even as he worked his twelfth Olympics as a broadcaster for NBC in Athens.

"Anyone who knows me well knows about my love affair with RAAM," Lampley says of the world's toughest ultra-endurance event.  "When we first arrived in Santa Monica in 1981 to meet John Marino and the three other men who would start out with him, we had no idea what we were about to see and I'm not sure they did either.  But from the wee hours of that first night, chasing Lon Haldeman into Death Valley, I've always felt this is the ultimate American trip.  Now we have a great opportunity to share it with millions of Americans who have never really seen it, Pacific to Atlantic across the broad backs of three thousand miles of roads, from the inside out, the way we see it on RAAM.  The name alone still give me chills, has for twenty-five years:  The Race Across America.  There's only one."

At the same time the television presence of the event is taking a giant step forward, its presence on the ground is multiplying rapidly. This represents a coordinated move by the event management to build on the long and distinguished history of RAAM to make it North America's premier road cycling event.

Insight RAAM is the American answer to the Tour de France, attracting many of the leading ultra-marathon cyclists in the world to climb their own Mt. Everest. Going the rest of the American way, race organizers offer the opportunity for nearly anyone with a driving desire to compete alongside the hard core elite of the sport to sign up for the ride of a lifetime. A corporate team division was recently added for 8-person teams, in which each rider takes on about 1/8th of the challenge a solo RAAM rider handles, riding 3 hours per day. While still challenging, this puts RAAM within the reach of practically anybody who rides a bicycle regularly - and it creates a spectacular opportunity for organizations to participate in employee/customer team building as well as support their charity of choice. For conventional bicycle racing teams, the 4-person team category is ideally suited to top amateur and professional teams. After beating an international field, the 4-person Action Sports team took away $25,000 in prize money last year.  Olympic speedskating legend and bicycle road racer Dr. Eric Heiden will compete with a four-man team from Sacramento next year.

The movement to give America's bicycle race to more American cyclists is augmented by sponsorship activation specialists O2 Sports Media, who have devised a plan for 2005 that reidentifies RAAM as North America's bicycle race.  Riders of all abilities are invited to participate in organized rides along selected parts of the route, from 10 - 100 miles, celebrating the great continental crossing, the spirit of cycling, and of course saluting the racers themselves as these determined souls power through one of the world's most arduous sporting events.

According to race director, Jim Pitre: "RAAM is such a special cycling event that we want everybody to have a piece of it. And we want to provide more opportunities for our sponsors to activate their sponsorships, and provide more people for them to do this with. And it's good for the racers, too-they get more support out there on the road. 3,000 miles in a bit over week can seem an awfully long time when you're the one spinning the pedals, and the more fans out there on the course the easier it gets."

The Insight Race Across America starts in San Diego on June 19th and ends in Atlantic City on June 28th. The planned 3,000 mile route passes through California, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illiniois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, and includes about 150,000 feet of climbing. Up to 150 cyclists from 15 nations are expected to participate in the 2005 edition. For more information, visit

Saturday, January 15, 2005

BBB, Feb. 2005, Third Alpha Version posted

The third "alpha version" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first 14 pages, but more will be posted as it becomes available.

Second alpha version on Jan 2005 BBB posted!

The second "alpha version" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first five pages, but more will be posted as it becomes available.

February Topic of the Month: Recognition for ACTC volunteers

Topic of the monthThe foundation for this club is our volunteers. Do we recognize them enough? What can the club do to show our appreciation?

Black and Blue Ball

Dancers Please join us for another fun ACTC avent. Our annual holiday ball will be held at Michaels at Shoreline Saturday February 19th. Tickets are $15 per person. Includes: no-host bar from 6pm-7pm, hosted non-alcohol beverages, buffet dinner 7pm-8pm, and after dinner dancing to live music, plus door prises. Michaels is located at 960 Shorline Blvd, Mountain View 650.962.1014. Tickets can be purchased at the February club meeting or by sending a SASE to Pam Downs, 1514 Chaumont Dr, San Jose Ca 95118, with a check made out to ACTC. For any further inquiries please call Pam at 266 1490. Ticket sales end February 12th.

First release of Feb BBB

The first "alpha version" of the newsletter is posted here. It is just the first page, but more will be posted as it becomes available.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Cyclocross event on Sunday

Cyclocross racing in Santa Cruz this weekend! The race to benefit the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club in their effort to save cycling in the Forest of Nisene Marks is happening in Watsonville on Sunday.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Newsletter Now in Layout Phase

Club members are invited to check the queue to see the stories that are going in the newsletter. Please note I spelled queue right this time. Thank youou to all of youou who corrected my previous spelling errors.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Deadline for BBB edits, Thursday 6pm

I am going to be in San Francisco today attending a trade show, after the show I will be attending a user group meeting. After I get home from work tomorrow I need to start laying out the newsletter. So, I need all inputs by 6pm on Thursday. It is now too late to submit new stories but I will be taking shorts and edits until that time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Newsletter Checkpoint, as of right now!

Just so folks know where we are, I am enclosing a list of stories that I have still listed as work pending. These are the folks who are working on content. Please let me know ASAP if this does not match with where you are:

Steve Sloan:

  • First Edit, Unknown Valley Century Story
  • First Edit, Membership Stats
  • First Edit, Gutter Bunny
  • First Edit, Top 20 Stats

Mary Paquet:

  • Referred Board Minutes for clarification.

Sue Sloan:

  • First Edit, BBBall by Pam
  • First Edit, About the Academy

Naomi Bloom:

  • Second reading, GTKY, The Greenes
  • First Edit, Tierra Bella Story
  • First Edit, Academy Meeting
  • First Edit, Political Action

Nancy Ross:

  • First Edit, Triple Crown Riders

David Hoag:

  • Article not yet received

I strongly urge all contributors to go to the URL and be sure your contributions are properly in queue.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Club Membership Renewal Process

Please post your ideas for Club Membership Renewal Here!

Newsletter Production Que Updated!

Please check the story queue to get the status of current newsletter!

This is a tool, not a web site!
Please remember that the que is a tool for producing the newsletter. Even though it uses web technology it is not intended to be a web site. Pictures may not view well and stories may not wrap well (depending on the browser you use.) Please do not send me E-mails telling me this as I know it. They are formatted for inclusion in a newsletter not a web site. Authors and other content contributors are encouraged to check the que to be sure their stories are there, edited correctly and content is accurate.

A Dedicated Friend

Awesome Tyler!
Tyler is a dedicated cyclist who loves to ride. Yet he gave up riding on the first to setup and coordinate the holiday celebration.

Tyler on Jan first

General Meeting, January 4, 2004

Minutes of ACTC General Meeting
January 4, 2004
President David Hoag called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

David welcomed all present and thanked the outgoing Board. He asked new Club members to introduce themselves and indicate their reasons for joining the club. Three new members took the floor. Two of the new members had been on some Club rides and all hoped to improve their riding.

Treasurer Paul Vlasveld reported deficit spending of about $13,000 in 2004. $56,000 remains in Club reserves. He looks forward to a successful year without deficit spending and will be closely monitoring expenditures.

Membership chair Dick Caron was absent due to a family emergency. There will be a report on membership at the next General Meeting.

Ride Coordinator Tyler French announced changes to the ride lists: he is eliminating Mountain Goat Silver City/Virginia City and adding Skyline Park. He is adding four Grizzlies: Time Trials, Saratoga Maze, Guy Fawkes Day, and Blessing of the Bicycles. He reminded everyone about the Ride Leaders luncheon. If you were a 2004 ride leader, join the luncheon. The rides are open to all Club members.

David asked for committee reports. There were no representatives present to report on Sierra-to-the- Sea, Tierra Bella, and the Academy.

Political Action Chair Bob Eltgroth reported that he attended and spoke at the San Jose Council meeting at which the Council approved the Sports Complex on McKean Road. There is some mitigation planned as a result of opposition and the size of the project was scaled down. Bob pointed out how important the EIR phase is for such projects. You can contact Bob if you would like additional information. Bob will be attending upcoming board meetings for California Association of Bicycle Organizations (CABO) and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) this month. Bob is having double knee replacement surgery at the end of the month, so he will not be attending meetings for a few months. He will submit articles to the Black and Blue Bottom.

Bicycle Recycling Program Chair Jim Schallau had nothing new to report this month. Shop Representative Chair Larry Brandt reported that we need a Cupertino representative for the Cupertino Bike Shop.

David Hoag reported on the first meeting of the new Board in the prior week. The Board identified specific focus areas to work on this year. The board wants the opportunity to work with everyone in the Club to meet the needs of all Club members and to assist new members. David also explained the Presidential BLOG (Web-based discussions on specific topics) and monthly “Coffee with the President.” Each month David will discuss one focus item to develop actionable items for the Club. If you don’t have internet access or prefer personal contact, join David on January 22, 9 to 10 a.m., at the Almaden Roasting Company. The first topic is the renewal process. Does it work for you? Can we improve it? Was it easy? What can we do as a club to improve the process?

Other announcements: John Mazzella announced that a few remaining Sierra-to-the-Sea T-shirts and one pair of shorts were on special for $3.00 that evening. David announced that Black and Blue Ball tickets are on sale.

Publisher Steve Sloan is redesigning the Club publication and needs your comments to help improve the Black and Blue Bottom. He encouraged people to take extra copies for distribution in such places as health clubs. Steve is recruiting writers, photographers, and cartoonists. Please contact Steve by e-mail.

At the request of Club members, the new Board introduced themselves. Vice President Penny Carl announced that we would celebrate past Vice President John Mazzella’s birthday with a cake at break. She would like to hear suggestions for program speakers. Ride Coordinator Tyler French reported that the Club would be setting up a clearing house for new members with information on good introductory rides, the Tierra Bella, and other events. Tyler wants to help Club members to achieve their personal riding goals.

Past President Michael Curtis announced the raffle of one Sierra-to-the-Sea ticket among 2004 ride leaders. The ticket is non-transferrable, so only those leaders who would take the tour are given raffle tickets. You must contact Michael to be included in the raffle.

David Hoag made the single bike-related announcement. He reported on the first long distance training ride. In spite of rain, 25 riders completed rides of varying distances, a good start to an exciting and fun series. He encouraged everyone to join the next ride.

Adjournment: 7:58 p

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New tool for newsletter!

There is a new feature to help with production of our newsletter. It is here! This website is for management of the stories, photos and art that funnel in with the newsletter. The goal is to be able to provide job control and a mechanism for folks to find out about and to correct any possible errors in content before publication.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Missing Ride Sheets!, call Don Axtell


***  LIST OF MISSING RIDES  ***                
  Date   Ride Name                 Rating Miles   Leader       
03/14/04 Training -                   5MB  100 Deborah Lefferts   
05/06/04 Extension -                  3MB   40 Deborah Lefferts   
12/30/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Deborah Lefferts   
03/14/04 Tandems Warmup - ME/Pierce   3M    35 Jim Pannunzio      
03/21/04 Afternoon Sun - Portola Loop 2M    35 Jim Pannunzio      
04/25/04 Tandem Chugging - OldLaHonda 5M    35 Jim Pannunzio      
03/20/04 All Things - Spring Equinox  1LM   21 Paul Metz          
06/06/04 To Market - Coffee           1LM   19 Paul Metz          
04/07/04 5Vs - Sh/K                   3LM   15 David Seeley       
07/07/04 5V's - Sh/Kennedy            3LM   15 David Seeley       
10/06/04 5Vs - Sh/Kennedy             3LM   15 David Seeley       
11/03/04 5V's - Sh/Kennedy            3LM   15 David Seeley       
04/08/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Karl Schilling     
04/15/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Karl Schilling     
04/22/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Karl Schilling     
04/29/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Karl Schilling     
06/03/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
06/10/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
06/17/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
06/24/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
07/01/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
07/15/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
07/22/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
07/29/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Karl Schilling     
04/10/04 Lunch in San Francisco       3LM   25 Keith Giles        
10/20/04 M'week F'ship - Coffee       1LM   25 Keith Giles        
04/16/04 MTB - Henry Coe              5LM   20 Bill Keckler       
05/20/04 MTB - Henry Coe              6LM   20 Bill Keckler       
10/27/04 MTB -                        5LM   20 Bill Keckler       
12/09/04 MTB -                        5LM   15 Bill Keckler       
12/23/04 MTB -                        5LM   15 Bill Keckler       
12/27/04 SCC -                        4M    40 Bill Keckler       
12/30/04 MTB -                        5LM   15 Bill Keckler       
04/17/04 Palo Alto Bird Sanctuary     1LM   20 Arye Green         
04/18/04 Quicksilver Hill Climb - Hic 5S     7 Vladimir Baicher   
06/13/04 Reservoirs Time Trial        2S    16 Vladimir Baicher   
08/21/04 Guadalupe Creek Time Trial   1S    11 Vladimir Baicher   
10/24/04 Guadalupe Creek Time Trial   1S    11 Vladimir Baicher   
04/24/04 MTB - Henry Coe Back Country 5LM   15 Harold Legore      
11/05/04 MTB - Henry Coe              5LM   20 Harold Legore      
11/19/04 MTB - Henry Coe              5LM   20 Harold Legore      
05/06/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Pete Klein         
05/20/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Pete Klein         
05/27/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Pete Klein         
08/05/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Pete Klein         
08/12/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Pete Klein         
08/19/04 McKenzie Ride -              5B    25 Pete Klein         
09/02/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Pete Klein         
09/23/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Pete Klein         
09/30/04 McKenzie Ride                5B    25 Pete Klein         
05/13/04 Almaden Ramble - Bailey Loop 4LM   25 Valerie Butler     
06/24/04 Almaden Ramble - LL/WS       3LM   20 Valerie Butler     
05/14/04 Irish - VST,Sh/Kennedy       6LM   30 John Mazzella      
05/24/04 Monday Argonaut              3M    30 Henry Perez        
05/25/04 Tortoises - Soquel-SanJose   4LM   27 Marcia Wire        
05/26/04 Sh/K,Hicks,LomaAlmaden       5B    20 Drew Townsend      
06/09/04 Sh/K, Hicks x2               5MB   25 Drew Townsend      
06/23/04 Sh/K, Hicks x2               5MB   25 Drew Townsend      
07/14/04 Hicks x2, LomaAlmaden        5B    25 Drew Townsend      
07/21/04 Hicks x2, LomaAlmaden        5B    25 Drew Townsend      
05/28/04 Good Friday - Coyote Creek   2LM   37 Andy Leach         
06/04/04 Good Time Friday -           2LM   30 Andy Leach         
05/31/04 Quimby for Quality           5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
06/07/04 Quimby for Quality, Mt.Pleas 5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
06/21/04 Quimby for Quality, Mt.Pleas 5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
06/28/04 Quimby for Quality, Mt.Pleas 5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
07/05/04 Quimby for Quality           5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
08/09/04 Quimby for Quality           6MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
08/23/04 Quimby for Quality           6MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
08/30/04 Quimby for Quality           6MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
09/06/04 Quimby for Quality           5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
09/13/04 Quimby for Quality           5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
09/20/04 Quimby for Quality           5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
09/27/04 Quimby for Quality           5MB   20 Paul Vlasveld      
06/15/04 WDM -                        5LM   25 Steve Sloan        
08/24/04 W&D Mellow -                 3LM   15 Steve Sloan        
06/17/04 Quimby Mauler, Mt.Pleasant   6M    30 Don Axtell         
06/17/04 To Lake Cunningham - Coffee  4LM   20 Larry Brandt       
11/22/04 Crankin' - Coffee            2LM   25 Larry Brandt       
12/27/04 Crankin' - Coffee            2LM   25 Larry Brandt       
06/23/04 Hills'R Us -                 5MB   50 Roger Coombes      
08/25/04 Hills R Us                   5M    50 Roger Coombes      
07/05/04 Mt.Ham-Low,Q-E,Mt.P          5M    20 Art Cruz           
09/27/04 Mt.Ham.Low,Q-E,Mt.P          5M    20 Art Cruz           
10/04/04 LowHam,Q-E,Mt.P              5M    20 Art Cruz           
07/13/04 Almaden Explorer-Hellyer     1LM   20 Bob Yeomans        
12/13/04 Almaden Explorer             2LM   25 Bob Yeomans        
08/22/04 Brunch in Stinson Beach      3LM   30 Margaret Barnes    
09/04/04 Breakfast Ride               1L    14 Ralph Coole        
12/26/04 Four Corners Ride            1L    15 Ralph Coole        
09/11/04 Singles Social -             3LM   40 Gene Lytle         
09/18/04 Tahoe Roundabout             3M    73 Richard Brunner    
09/19/04 Cheese to Oysters to Cheese  5LM   45 Naomi Bloom        
10/23/04 Apple Pie - Hazel Dell       3LM   40 Naomi Bloom        
09/23/04 Thurs.Trek - Lunch           1LM   18 Stephanie Metz     
12/08/04 Light A Candle - Hanukkah    1LM   12 Stephanie Metz     
10/10/04 Blessings - Special Occasion 1LM   12 Michael Curtis     
11/07/04 Sierra,Suncrest,Lower,Kincai 5MB   75 Michael Curtis     
11/21/04 OLH,Pescadero,Alp-W,Portola  5MB   80 Michael Curtis     
11/26/04 Soda Springs                 5M    20 Michael Curtis     
10/13/04 Reverse Explorer - Coffee    3LM   20 Karen Bishop       
12/30/04 Reverse Explorer - Coffee    3LM   20 Karen Bishop       
10/17/04 Steroids - Los Alamitos Path 2MB   50 Joanne Grimaldi    
12/26/04 Steroids - Reservoirs        2MB   50 Joanne Grimaldi    
10/17/04 Epicenter - Eureka,NiseneMar 5LM   50 Paul Greene        
10/23/04 Academy Grad. - Canada Loop  4LM   62 Jayme James        
10/28/04 Thursday Mora                5MB   35 Tyler French       
11/10/04 Wednesday Mora               5MB   35 Tyler French       
12/08/04 Wednesday Tour               5M    30 Tyler French       
11/10/04 Hills R Us -                 5M    50 Van Whitis         
11/16/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Pamela Downs       
11/23/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Pamela Downs       
11/30/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Pamela Downs       
12/07/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Pamela Downs       
12/14/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Pamela Downs       
12/21/04 Sh/Kennedy Coffee Ride       3MB   25 Pamela Downs       
11/16/04 Autumn Amble - Coffee        2LM   44 Pat Grilione       
11/20/04 Academy Training - Lunch     1LM   15 Harry Lichtbach    
11/27/04 EmeraldHills - PortolaLoop   3LM   58 Jerry Schonewille  
12/30/04 EmeraldHills - PortolaLoop   3LM   40 Jerry Schonewille  
12/07/04 Twosday Tuesday - Lunch      2LM   30 Bob Thompson       
12/27/04 MM Mocha Mooch - Coffee      1LM   25 Don Burnett

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