Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Newsletter Checkpoint, as of right now!

Just so folks know where we are, I am enclosing a list of stories that I have still listed as work pending. These are the folks who are working on content. Please let me know ASAP if this does not match with where you are:

Steve Sloan:

  • First Edit, Unknown Valley Century Story
  • First Edit, Membership Stats
  • First Edit, Gutter Bunny
  • First Edit, Top 20 Stats

Mary Paquet:

  • Referred Board Minutes for clarification.

Sue Sloan:

  • First Edit, BBBall by Pam
  • First Edit, About the Academy

Naomi Bloom:

  • Second reading, GTKY, The Greenes
  • First Edit, Tierra Bella Story
  • First Edit, Academy Meeting
  • First Edit, Political Action

Nancy Ross:

  • First Edit, Triple Crown Riders

David Hoag:

  • Article not yet received

I strongly urge all contributors to go to the URL and be sure your contributions are properly in queue.

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