Monday, June 26, 2006

Sierra-to-the-Sea Pictures Here

If you had a chance to join this year’s great Sierra to the Sea cycling tour, please photos your photos to the ACTC photo website. If you didn’t go, please read below for a recap.

There are a couple of albums up there now:

For those that didn’t get a chance to join, here is a short recap.

About 30 of us did a 3 day club ride to the new start at Bear Valley. Day 1 was to Patterson, Day 2 to the Columbia (the prior year start) and Day 3 to Bear Valley. The heat and long distances took its toll on some of the riders so it was fortunate that we had a couple of SAG vehicles along. One club member had to go to the hospital but is okay now. I think most everyone had a great time, I certainly did. I hope we have can do the 3 day ride again next year.

The Sierra to the Sea had a new start location at Bear Valley, which was magnificent. We started at over 7,000 feet. We biked to Jackson, same as in prior years but it was a difficult route and that coupled with the heat meant a good number of STTS participants needed to be sagged in. It was a bit of a rocky start for some of the riders. The 3rd night was a different location, at the Ryde Hotel, which I really enjoyed. As we approach the coast the weather turned from very hot to very cool. Wow, what a wonderful place California is. It was still cool for the fabulous finishing lunch at Golden Gate Park. A few of us finished by biking back to San Jose so we could redefine S2S to mean San Jose to San Jose.

We had one club member who had to abandon the tour and another who had an accident and could not ride for a couple of days, but I believe all is well with both. I am sure our publisher will have more information on his blog with regards to the tour. Personally I thought it was great and Miguel and staff did a super job.

Hopefully I am now caught up on all the webmaster stuff I didn’t do while riding but if not, please send me a reminder.

Franz Kelsch
ACTC Webmaster

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