Saturday, July 15, 2006

Whine and Dine Warriors

Please read this in its entirety!
In years past we had a separate mail list for the whine and dine rides that was not part of the ACTC mail list. This worked well for several reasons:

  • Not all whine and diners were ACTC members
  • Not all whine and dine events (like private parties) were ACTC events
  • Not all whine and dine communications were deemed appropriate for the ACTC E-list (like info about whine and dine non-cycling social events or riders)

This year I got lazy and just started sending notices to the ACTC E-list while copying it to a few non-members. This has become more cumbersome than just maintaining a separate list and has run into some problems. So, I have decided to go back to the old way of doing things. I am sending this notice out to the 2005 list as well as the E-list (so some folks will get it twice.)

If you would like to be on the whine and dine 2006 list please send me an E-mail and let me know you want to be added. If you do not want to be on the list, but still want to get whine and dine information, you may do so at this blog. Note: this blog is not, and these E-mails are not, an official ACTC communication. This is on my own account and is "off the reservation."

I plan to post everything I send to the Whine and Dine list to this blog. So you can get the info here without even being on any mail list!

If you want to be on the whine and dine 2006 email list send me that email to and say "Sign Me Up!"

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