Sunday, December 30, 2007

Deadlines Extended

As Patrice mentioned on the Elist, this month's deadlines will be as before.

The deadline for the March issue will be the Sunday before the Feb. Meeting.

Why are we doing this? The old deadlines were way too tight and forced the ride scheduler and editors to work week nights and the publisher to give up a weekend to do the newsletter. For example; when I was publisher before, I often had to choose between riding or attending family events and doing the newsletter. This makes it very unattractive for folks to run for publisher. For the ride scheduler and the story editors the previous deadlines were even more difficult. They were expected to turn their rides and stories around in three weekday work days. In my opinion asking that of volunteers is not reasonable, especially if you want to encourage volunteers who have jobs and families that may require care at home to get involved.

Also, as mentioned at the December meeting, I want to train more folks to do the newsletter. New folks will be even slower at doing the newsletter and will need more time. In short I feel this may be difficult, but it needs to be done. I believe the work has to be divided up to make it reasonable. This new schedule gives folks more options in scheduling their lives around their ACTC volunteer work and I hope will encourage more folks to volunteer. I appreciate your time and understanding.

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