Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The cover photo for the Feb. issue

David on Hamilton

This is the photo I chose for the cover of the February B&BB. I appreciate the photos folks submitted, it was a tough decision. Here are the reasons I chose this photo:

  • It is seasonal. The trees are bare and David has arm warmers. The message is, "you can have fun riding in the winter."
  • It has tension. The riders focus is solid on the road. He looks professional.
  • It is visually dynamic. The composition leads you into and through the photo and into the issue of the newsletter.
  • It has good production values. It is sharp and composed very well.

When I seek a photo for the cover I look for a photo that has what I call "curb appeal." I want the photo to grab a reader and make that reader want to read the newsletter. It also needs to relate to the newsletter and what we are as a club. I need to be able to tie it into a story or the time we are in and the places our club rides. I specifically avoid mug or group shots that are not dynamic. These types of photos have their places, but those places, in my opinion do not include the top half of the front of the newsletter, unless there is a very compelling reason.

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