Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's get Mr. Rodeo

Bike vs. Truck: Let's Rodeo!

$1,000 Reward Offered
For information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver of the pickup truck involved in the following flagrant action of violence against a local bay area cyclist.

A Monte Vista Velo (MVV) club cyclist was injured after being run off of the road by a large Dodge Ram pickup truck while descending on Page Mill Rd. The incident happened on Saturday, March 25th around 11:00am and the driver of the truck tried to run many other club members off the road as they road single file down the hill. The altercation was a deliberate act by the driver of the truck to send a message to all bay area cyclist that they do not belong on the public roads.

Description of the Truck:

  1. Late model full sized black Dodge Ram Pickup with black bumpers
  2. Extended cab with dark tinted windows
  3. "Let's Rodeo" bumper sticker on left rear bumper. 12"x4" black letters on white background.
  4. Dark tool box behind the driver's window.
  5. License #6L6????

If you spot the truck matching this description, please get a full license plate # and report it to the Palo Alto Police Department at the number below.

The Injured Rider
The MVV rider suffered a class 1 AC separation of the left shoulder and two broken teeth. He is recovering quickly and has returned to riding with the club.

The injured rider is 51 years old, married and father of 4. He is an accomplished cyclist with over 25 years of competitive riding experience. He is also a successful businessman holding Vice President of Engineering positions at Sun, Kazeon and Oracle Corporation.

"The bay area is one of the most cycling friendly places I have ever lived in. I've never see anything that compares to this level of aggression and willingness to inflict harm. My hope is that we can find the person that did this before they hurt or kill someone else."

Contact Information
Kim Collet
Palo Alto Police Department
Case #: 06-084-0054

The bay area is one of the most cycling friendly spots in the entire US. Everyone must do their part to keep California roads safe for autos, motorcycles, cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians alike.


Anonymous said...

You need to keep bicycles of the road, they are a danger to the biker and motor vehicles also.

Steve Sloan said...

Interesting that you posted this anonymously. If you feel this way you should write you congressman. Legally bicyclists have as much right to be on the road as other vehicles.