Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Whine and Dine August 16

Let's do a Hicks Redux!
Both routes will do Hicks on Wednesday. The LM ride will do the turn around. The M ride will have the option to do the climb or not. Route sheets are here for you to download and have before the ride:

The road around Summit bikes is reportedly good. I called the bike shop. They confirmed that the road is good and that there is parking at the bike shop. So, we will be starting at the usual place/time (6pm at Summit Bikes in Los Gatos.) This may be the last Wednesday Whine and Dine for me this season. I am starting teaching on the 23rd. However, enrollments for this class are low. So, there is a good chance the class will be canceled. But, you can bet I will not be there the 23rd. I may be there a Wednesday or two after the 23rd.

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