Wednesday, December 01, 2004

New Info on Coleman/Winfield Lot

Via Bob Halem:

This email actually got forwarded to me earlier this morning. VTA is looking into this issue internally, and will be talking to City of San Jose Parks (since Los Alamitos Creek Trail is under their jurisdiction.)

Ithink the ACTC bicyclists got caught up in an on-going parking issue with the Almaden Lake Village: VTA has been trying to deal with overflow parking issues with their tenants/guests; and in order to be fair and consistent, VTA has to enforce the policies equally across the board. I understand we've suspended issuing parking citations at this lot until Feb 1, while we sort things out.

VTA is sympathetic to having the excess parking made available for occasional recreational bicyclists on a nearby trail; our challenge is to develop a clear policy to cover legitimate non-VTA users, that would prevent abuses (i.e. people parking their car to advertise it for sale)


Celia Chung
Bicycle Program Coordinator
Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

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