Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Newsletter News and Views

I really appreciate the work my predecessors have done and especially appreciate all Franz has done and continues to do to help me get started. I do not want to lose a single person who has helped with the newsletter and do not want to make any changes in current roles or workflow (which I am still trying to figure out.)

Having been elected to the post of publisher I thought folks might want some idea of what I have planned for the newsletter. For the first edition I do not want to go over 20 pages.

I only want to make changes in small steps. About the ride listings: I will probably just take the Word file from Jerry, clean it and place it in InDesign.

I have been combining all of the Files from the December newsletter into one file, so that stories can be jumped from the first page to inside. Also, I am creating a new set of character and paragraph style sheets. I have standardized on two font families, Futura Std and New Caledonia Std (using all Adobe OpenType fonts.) The general design plan is to always try to use the center spread as a two page "double truck" photo spread. That way pictures can eventually jump the gutter. Like the center spread of another famous magazine, I’d like to see a center photo spread be a trademark of our newsletter. The ride list will jump around the center spread.

I am going to try to have at lease three stories on page one with stories jumping inside. Ideally at least one page one story will be a news story and at least one page one story will be a local (ACTC) human interest story.

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