Friday, December 10, 2004

Nisene Marks issue (off ROMP)

We will be having out monthly meeting on Monday and we will be discussing the Nisene Marks issue.

David Baskin will be there to answer questions on the legal issues surrounding the case. He will also update us on the ruling (which still hasn't been issued yet). State Parks has 60 days to appeal *after* the ruling has been issued.

I would like to float the proposal of a mountain biker "critical mass" in Nisene Marks to about a week or two before the appeal period will expire. The reasons for a critical mass would be for:

  • A show of support for State Parks.
  • A way to raise funds for a legal defense.
  • A media event to raise awareness of the issue.
  • A great way for like minded groups to come together.

It would be great to get at least 1000 mountain bikers for this event. Is that possible? I think there are at least 1000 mountain bikers in the SF and Monterey Bay Areas.

Also, there was another article in the Sentinel this week.

This article recognizes the letter writing campaign but misses the point that the purpose is to urge State Parks to appeal. The best thing about the article is that it prominently features David Vincent - State Parks superintendent for the Santa Cruz area - who has a pragmatic perspective on the issue.

Piet Canin has volunteered to write an opinion piece for the Sentinel to reflect the concerns of the biking community. Thanks Piet!

The meeting is 7 pm Monday at Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz.


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