Thursday, December 16, 2004

Second alpha version on Jan 2005 BBB posted!

I have posted another "alpha version" [Alpha version 2, PDF Format, 1.1 MB] of the January 2005 newsletter here.

What is an "alpha version"?
An alpha version is an early newsletter version that is not complete, it has blank pages and has holes and is missing material that will be in the final version.

I would guess this version is 75% complete. It has the rides, but it is missing the stats. With all the holiday stuff going on time is getting really tight! But, I want to get this out so folks can let me know what I need to fix before I put more in. Expect at least another alpha after this. When I have all the material in place we will go to a Beta version. I will try to get all of the edits done then we will have a release candidate. Folks will have a chance to tell me what I missed, then it goes to the printer!

These will only be announced on this blog, not the general mail list.

Please let me know what you think! If you send edits, it is helpful to note the page number. Thanks for the help.

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