Saturday, November 27, 2004

ACTC December rides and future web hosting

Looking out your window at the rain? Wondering when you can do your next ride? Well, the web based version of the December Ride Schedule is now online:

When you view it you will notice the format for December's ride schedule looks different. This is the great work of Jerry Schonewille, our Ride Coordinator, who had developed a database and a program to automatically generate this web page. Not only is the process becoming automated, but we are looking at offering a more dynamic way to view the ride schedule, allowing you to see the types of rides you are more interested in.

That will require a lot of work, including moving the ACTC website to a new host provider. We have a committee setup that is looking at the requirements to undertake such a move. Your feedback is appreciate. We want to make sure we are focusing our efforts in the area that best benefits the club members.

Franz Kelsch
ACTC Publisher

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