Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ACTC ride parking issue at the Coleman/Winfield

ACTC Ride Scheduler Jerry Schonewille posted this to the mail list, while gathering for an ACTC ride at the Coleman/Winfield VTA parking lot this morning we were approached by a Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy. She explained that the parking lot is for VTA patrons only and that she has been writing citations for violators. However, due to complaints about the sudden enforcement from people who routinely park there to use the Los Alamitos Creek Trail, her sergeant instructed her to not write any more citations until VTA places prominent signs in the parking lot. This could happen tomorrow, it could happen next year. No guarantees that other sheriff deputies/sergeants will follow the same policy. In other words, if you park at this lot to participate in an ACTC ride then you are at risk of receiving a citation. We appreciate the heads-up from this deputy.

There are many ACTC rides that start at this location. For the remainder of November and for December I suggest you park at Almaden Lake Park on Winfield just south of Coleman instead. Contact the ride leader. Chances are the ride will go to Almaden Lake Park anyway for a bathroom break. Otherwise, you can take a short ride on the bike trail to Coleman/Winfield VTA.

Ride leaders, for future rides please start at Almaden Lake Park instead of Coleman/Winfield VTA.

Meanwhile, I hope political activists in our club will take up this matter with VTA. Perhaps the Los Gatos VTA starting location is a problem too.

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