Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Local paper looking for Almaden cyclists

From a co-worker of Paul Metz:

You may have heard the story of Bo down in Campbell. He is a team mate of mine, a road racer who was attacked and beaten by some motorists. We are trying to apply pressure to the two girls who were driving the car that two men jumped out of and attacked Bo. We are trying to find Almaden Residents for a story that will run in a local paper there.

Any Almaden Residents?

Please read the email from Moryt Milo below.

In case you may not be familiar with the story:


Moryt Milo writes:
hi bo, the editor for almaden is thinking of using the story in his almaden paper, but we need to find some almaden residents asap. On this list ( see above) there are 27 people from San Jose. Hopefully some from almaden, any way to find out. or can you hook me up to some almaden cyclists he can talk to. If you want you can send them directly to him. His name is Greg watkins, editor for the Almaden Resident, email is gwatkins@svcn.com or 408.200.1066. Hopefully people contact him quickly.

Thanks, it would be great to spread the word down there.

Moryt Milo
Editor, The Campbell Reporter and Willow Glen Resident

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