Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cyclocross event for Nisene Marks "Free The Trail" cause?

From Kathleen Meyer in a letter to her:

my name is David Gill and I'm an officer of Team Santa Cruz, the race team of the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club.

Our team will hold a cyclocross race on Sunday January 16th, 2005, at the Watsonville fairgrounds and we've come up with an idea to help out the Nisene Marks "Free The Trail" cause.

There will be several races and categories during the day, but we plan on holding a special team relay category at 12 noon.  The plan goes something like this:  Four persons per team, $40 entry per team, each rider does one lap.

All proceeds from this category will go to MBOSC.

To make this even more challenging (and entertaining for the spectators!), we've decided to gather the starting riders' bikes and remove their rear wheels.  We will stage a LeMans-style start, where each rider will run to their bikes and put their wheels on, go out for their lap and come back to the finish&nb! sp;where they will tag the next rider on their team, who will have to run to their own bike which is waiting for them without the rear wheel.  This continues until each rider completes a lap. We are planning on anywhere from 150-200 riders for the other categories, so I am confident we will be able to attract a significant number ofrelay teams. One idea that has come up is why not give four "Free The Trail" T-shirts to each team that signs up.  This basically makes it "buy a shirt, get a free race," or another such way of spinning the text, but you get the idea. The logistics have yet to be figured out since the shirt sizes would have to be dealt with, but I might suggest that someone from your organization come out to the event with a bunch of shirts not only for the teams, but also to sell to the rest of the riders and spectators.  You could set up a tent or booth with information, shirts, etc. Please let me know your thoughts on this proposition, we are eager to hear them!

Thank you for your consideration,
David Gill

p.s. check out the preliminary website,

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