Thursday, November 18, 2004

December Black and Blue Bottom

The December edition of the Black and Blue Bottom has been finalized and the PDF version is online. You can access at the ACTC website or click this link: . The Web Pages for the December ride schedule will be posted by the webmaster. Until that occurs please access the December ride schedule via the PDF files using the above link.

NOTE the December 7th General Meeting will be held at a DIFFERENT meeting place. Due to a building conflict, we will be meeting on December 7th at Leigh High School, which is at the corner of Leigh Ave. and Los Gatos Almaden Road.

Please be sure to come to the December General Meeting. Not only will we have the election of the 2005 Board Members, but it will be our annual Christmas Social. A great program is also planned (see the Black and Blue Bottom page 1 for details).

Since this is my last issue of the Black and Blue Bottom with a new
Publisher taking over for the January issue, I would like to thank those that helped me during the year in putting the newsletter together and getting them to you. I thank Vladimir Baicher, Richard Brunner, and Nancy Ross for great proofreading and editing, Joanne Mitani for the monthly Getting to Know You column, Keith Giles for photo editing, Jerry Shonewille for the ride schedule and Richard Brunner for getting it ready for printing, Larry Brandt for picking up the newsletters from the printer and packaging them for the shops, Don Axtell for putting the Statistics together, John Blaine for setting up the mailing parties and for many club members that showed up monthly to help at the mailing parties. THANK YOU ALL!


Franz Kelsch
ACTC Publisher

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Steve Sloan said...

Thank you Franz! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you have done and I hope all the great folks who have helped you out stay on board!