Monday, November 22, 2004

Ride Scheduler Jerry Schonewille starts rides forum

I'm planning on doing several self-contained tours next year and as I mention this during rides I encounter others with similar interest. Now is the time to be planning spring tours and it occurs to me that this is a good topic for a discussion forum.

Unlike this e-list where postings are "pushed" to all subscribers, you only get content from a discussion forum if you "pull" the information.

If you're not interested you will get nothing. Amen.

I've set up an experimental discussion forum on my personal web host with the dual purpose of discussing self-contained tours and to get some experience with forums in general to see if this is something that ACTC might want to add to their website.

It could be a rough trip – I'm totally new to this – but I think it might be fun and useful. I've set this up (I think) so that anyone can have a look but to make a posting you need to logon with a user name and password.

There is much potential here and I'm hoping others will pick up the ball.



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