Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Long Distance Training (First story in for Jan edition)

Long Distance Training Ride Press Release
November 8, 2004
by Rick Madden

Do you want to maintain your riding legs throughout the winter? Are you looking to improve your endurance and speed? Have you added a century or double century to your New Years resolutions? If so, block out each Sunday this winter for the Long Distance Training Ride (LDTR) series.

Experienced ACTC ride leaders have organized a series of LM, M and MB paced rides for each Sunday starting in January and ending in April. All levels of riders will start and end at the same location and follow the same basic route, with M and MB riders adding options on to extend the ride distance. Each week, ride distances and/or difficulty will gradually increase. However, these rides are not designed to be thigh burning goat rides. The emphasis will be on smooth riding techniques over long distances. Our final goal will be for riders to comfortably complete a challenging ride such as the century or double metric century at the Tierra Bella Workers Ride or one of the hilly double centuries offered throughout the early summer.

LDTR riders should be able to maintain a LM pace over a long distance to participate. There will be no sweep, and each rider must be able to perform minor repairs, such as repairing flats. We ask that you make sure your bike is in good working order before you arrive at the start location. Pack a lunch, bring plenty of water and snacks and be prepared for changeable weather conditions.

LDTR may push your comfort zone, but the option to drop back to the less speedy group is always available. Breaks will be abbreviated, usually about 5 or 10 minutes. We will reserve socialization to before and after the ride. Most rides will begin at the Almaden Coffee Roasters, located on the corner of Meridian and Redmond Avenue. Feel free to show up early and enjoy coffee and conversation before we hit the road!

If you have any questions, please call Deborah Lefferts at 408-267-3038.

The ride leaders have a goal of improving your strength and endurance. If you have a similar goal, please join us on the first ride. You will soon find yourself building a foundation that will carry you through the summer!

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