Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Photo site for ACTC cyclist photographers

ACTC Publisher Franz Kelsch reported earlier this month that ACTC has established a new site for viewing photos of club related events.  In the past if was necessary to go to various individual sites to see the pictures that club members were sharing.  This site is being offered as a central place to those who want to post their pictures there.  We will be adding a link to the ACTC home page shortly, but for now bookmark this link:  

At the time this was written we had 7 "ACTC Photographers" who are posting photos there.  (There may be more now! ~Steve) The most recent photo can be seen by clicking the "View Recent Photos" link in the upper right corner.  Once photos have been on the site for over a month, that gallery will be moved to one of the various categories we have established.  Some of the recent galleries include the Big Sur tour, the ACTC Academy Graduation ride and Loma Prieta summit club ride.   As I was looking through some of the older galleries posted, Franz said, "I saw myself in some photos I have never seen before!"

It is anticipated that photos will be posted to this site frequently, so check back periodically to see what's new.  If you wish to become an ACTC Photographer, please send me an email to gain access to posting photos at this site.

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